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TDC - Building a Greater College Park

The University of Maryland is currently involved with over 2 million square feet of development projects aimed at building a “Greater College Park.” Greater College Park links the Discovery District (a public-private research hub), the vibrant downtown community of College Park and the University of Maryland's dynamic academic buildings. It encompasses historic districts, up-and-coming new neighborhoods and a bustling downtown, and is welcoming a swath of amenities, including hotels, retailers, restaurants and recreation. It’s the result of the cooperative efforts of the City of College Park, Prince George’s County, the State of Maryland, private developers and the university. The progress is the realization of the University District Vision, a collaborative effort spearheaded by the College Park City-University Partnership that also features sustainability, transportation, schools and safety.

In public-private investment
New projects
Square feet of new office, research and retail development
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