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Electric bus

Electrifying UMD's Vehicle Fleet

In 2021, UMD President Darryl J. Pines pledged that the university would achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. UMD’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) identifies, tracks, and reports on strategies to avoid, reduce and offset those emissions. By doing so, the CAP aims to save energy, resources and costs. Find out more about UMD’s Sustainability Progress & Commitments.

Vehicles are an important tool for effectively managing a large and complex university such as UMD. Trucks and vans carry people, supplies and materials to and from work locations on and off campus. Shuttle buses carry students and others across campus every day. And charter buses transport athletes and others to and from events.

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our vehicle fleet. In line with the university’s climate commitment, our primary goal is to electrify the entire fleet. We continue to make great strides toward accomplishing that goal.

  • Buses - We are converting the fleet from diesel to electric power. In 2023, UMD Transportation Services was awarded a multimillion dollar grant that will fast-track this conversion. The grant will fund the replacement of nearly 75% of the fleet with electric vehicles, which may be in operation as early as 2026. 
  • Trucks and other vehicles - Facilities Management is committed to purchasing electric vehicles to replace older diesel and gas powered vehicles. Fifty vehicles have been received to date and will be put into service in Spring, 2024. 
  • Infrastructure - There are currently thirty nine electric vehicle charging stations on campus. Additional stations are being installed to support the conversion of the fleet to electric power.  Electric vehicle owners receive a discount on their parking permit.
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