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McKelden Mall

UMD 311 Pilot

Eager to report that abandoned scooter? Street light that's burned out? Litter in the parking lot?

Join our mobile app test user group to help the university identify and fix outdoor physical problems on campus! 

The Division of Administration is piloting the SeeClickFix mobile phone app. It allows users to easily report non-emergency, outdoor physical issues on campus for UMD servicing organizations to handle. 311 programs have helped many municipalities provide better service to their constituents. If found effective during the pilot, the app may be expanded to the broader university community.

Using SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix logo

Getting started is easy. Follow the instructions to download the SeeClickFix app to your smartphone, then start using it on campus. Simply point and snap at non-emergency outdoor items that need attention. The app is also approved for installation on UMD devices.

SeeClickFix screen shots (Android)

SeeClickFix screenshots (Android)

Items to Report with the SeeClickFix App

Use SeeClickFix to report ONLY non-emergency, outdoor physical issues located on campus. 

  • The app is not for emergencies 
  • The app is not for indoor physical issues (such as indoor AC issues)
  • The app is not for service related issues (such as disagreeing with a parking citation)
  • The app is not for reporting issues located off campus 

Examples of items to report include:

  • Abandoned (or improperly parked) scooters or bikes
  • Broken parking meter
  • Street light burned out
  • Broken fence
  • Overflowing trash can
  • Blocked pathway
  • Any other non-emergency, outdoor physical problems that you observe on campus. See the list of issues to choose from in the app.


For how-to support, use the app’s Help feature. 

For other questions or comments, contact the UMD pilot team at

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