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Working Group Members

Our Purpose

The Mission, Vision and Values working group assists the division in implementing and living its mission, vision and values through advising, action and accountability. They have established a charter to govern its work and meets regularly. Currently, the group is proposing ideas to enhance appreciation and recognition as well as professional development in the division.

The working group includes staff members from each unit in the division. The members are:

  • Dannielle Glaros, Chair, Assistant Vice President & Chief of Staff
  • Courtney Brown, Administrative Services
  • William Campbell, Real Estate
  • Zheyan Damavandi, Environmental Safety, Sustainability & Risk
  • Deborah Galloway, Facilities Management
  • Shayna Hodges, Transportation Services
  • Mara Kaiser, Procurement & Business Services
  • August Kenner, Public Safety
  • Javiera King, Office of the Vice President
  • Jaqueline Menjivar Larios, Community Engagement
  • Tiffany Morand, Procurement & Business Services
  • Lina Parikh, Administrative Services
  • Namrata Ram-Andriessens, University Human Resources
  • Karol Salisbury, Administrative Services
  • Aynsley Toews, Facilities Management
  • Marta Woldu, Transportation Services
  • John Robinette, Center for Leadership & Organizational Change (Consultant)
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