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purple line map of route

The Purple Line

The Purple Line is a light rail line that will extend from New Carrollton in Prince George’s County to Silver Spring and Bethesda in Montgomery County. Five of the twenty-one stations will be located directly on or around the UMD campus. With direct connections to Metrorail, Amtrak, and MARC, the Purple Line will provide more accessible and reliable transportation for students, faculty, and staff. The Purple Line is scheduled to begin carrying passengers in October 2026.

In September 2020, construction slowed due to a dispute between the project owner, the Maryland Transit Administration, and the design/build contractor for the project. The dispute was resolved and full mobilization on the UMD campus resumed in January 2023. Most of the construction on the UMD campus is expected to be complete in 2025.

Questions or concerns about the Purple Line on campus? 

Contact UMD Purple Line team:

Note: All pedestrian detours for the Purple Line are required to be ADA accessible. If, due to a permanent or temporary disability, the Purple Line construction presents a barrier to you, please contact You may also contact the UMD ADA/504 Coordinator at:

Contact MTA Purple Line team for construction concerns:

The new "M"
Photo of the new landscaped M. In preparation the Purple Line, which will offer the UMD community easy access to the surrounding region like never before, our beloved M found a new home just across the street from where it stood. 

Purple Line Forum - 4.18.2023

Presentation by Carlo Colella, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

Carlo Colella
Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
April 18, 2023

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stations on or adjacent to campus
connections to Metrorail
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